ATTENTION!! Travel mates for an exciting photographic, 26 days, adventure in Indonesia wanted.

12th March 2017
ATTENTION!! Travel mates for an exciting photographic adventure (26 days) in Indonesia wanted.
If you are interested or knowing somebody, please contact us or share.

Valued friends, followers or anyone who will read this. We are looking for fellow travelers, who want to explore with me from 26.08.-21.09.2017 Indonesia on a photographic journey. If you know someone who would be enthusiastic about it ... Please share!
At Travellerspoint, I once took the tour on a virtual world map to better visualize the destinations of the trip ... (Frankfurt am Main - DE - was chosen here as start and end point)

Short summary of the highlights incl. Pre- and post-program (more detailed program, see below in this post):
Orangutans of Sumatra & Borneo (Gunung Leuser and Tanjung Puting National Park), Proboscis monkeys, Gibbons and Macaques; Temple of Borobudur; Dragons of the island of Komodo; Spectacular volcanic panoramas at Bromo and Ijen (East Java); Sulawesi Tarsier, Sulawesi crested macaque, rhinoceros bird and other animals in the Tangkoko National Park on Sulawesi; sea nomads in the village Tumbak, coral reefs and beaches

Character of the trip: The main part is a photo-tour with Steffen Hoppe (30.08.-15.09.2017;, incl. Individual pre- and post-program, offered by Pre-program - 4 days Sumatra, Gunung Leuser National Park. Post-program - 5 days Sulawesi. Booking of the trip without or only with pre-or post-program is also possible. For details and offers, please contact Michél Pretzsch,, in German or English.

I would especially be happy about fellow travelers, who want to do with me the complete tour shown in the detailed program below.

Destination: Indonesia
Organizer: Diamir (
Contact: Michél Pretzsch (consulting / booking) -
Tel.: +49 (0) 35131207384
Languages: German / English
Tourcode: IDOFO1-300817
Date of travel: 26th August - 21st September 2017

Costs: Depending on flights and number of participants. Core program (photo tour with Steffen Hoppe) from / to Frankfurt is from 4690 €. Price for suggested extended tour is from about 6000-6500 €, depending on number of participants and your flights.

Languages on the tour
Pre-program: German or English
photo tour: German and English (not primary)
Post-program: English

Detailed program:

Day 1 – 27th August 2017 Arrival

Flight to Singapore and continue to Medan.

Day 2 – 28th August 2017 Medan - Bukit Lawang - Start of the Pre-program Gunung-Leuser National Park

Transfer (travel time approx. 5h) from Medan to the village Bukit Lawang, which is located on the edge of Gunung Leuser NP. You arrive at the accommodation site (simple lodge) in the noon hours. First visit of the national park take place in the afternoon / evening. First Orang-Utan sightings are possible at a former feeding place, as well as other species of the prevailing flora & fauna.

Day 3 – 29th August 2017 Gunung-Leuser National Park (B/L/D)

Your way takes you deep into the forests of the National Park. Enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of Sumatra. Numerous Orang-Utan and various other animal sightings are highly probable. Overnight as on the previous day. (Walking time approx. 7h)

Day 4 – 30th August 2017 Gunung-Leuser National Park (B/L)

A further day of exploring the national park awaits you, expiration as on day 3. Overnight as the day before. (Walking time approx. 5h)

Day 5 – 31st August 2017 Bukit Lawang - Medan - Jakarta (B)

Transfer to Medan. Flight to Jakarta and transfer to the airport hotel, start of the group photo tour. The rest of the day is free. Overnight at hotel.

Day 6 – 1st September 2017 Jakarta - Pangkalan Bun - Tanjung Puting NP (B/L/D)

Transfer to the airport and flight to Pangkalan Bun, a coastal town in the province of Central Kalimantan. In the village of Kumai, you will aboard your Klotok - a typical Indonesian river boat - with which you will explore the extensive waterways of the Tanjung Puting NP. Enjoy the ride along the green Nipa mangroves, which later give way to the dense rainforest vegetation. In the afternoon you will reach Tanjung Harapan, where you will visit a feeding place of the Orangutan. The sight of the majestic great ape hovering through the tree tops is a special experience. There is ample time to observe and photograph the red man of the forest. Afterwards, your captain will drive the Klotok to the night anchorage. Overnight on deck.

Day 7 – 2nd September 2017 Tanjung Puting NP (B/L)

You will go today to - Camp Leakey - probably the most famous research station in the park. On the way you will stop at Pondok Tanguy and spend the morning feeding of the Orang-Utan. Then you will hike through the dense rainforest guided by a ranger. After that you continue your drive upstream. At the fork to Camp Leakey you leave the brown floods of the Senkonyer River and thrust into a black-colored side stream. Birut Galdikas gave this section of the river the name "mirror of paradise" for no reason. In the afternoon visit the Orangutans at Camp Leakey. Overnight as on the previous day.

Day 8 – 3rd September 2017 Tanjung Puting NP - Pangkalan Bun (B/L/D)

Today you will drive to the Pesalat region. Since the extension of the Tanjung Puting NP in 1984, this area offers a safe habitat for the orangutans. On a short hike you can discover the diversity of the animals and plants of the national park. As you travel by boat, you are most likely to observe proboscis monkeys, macaques and kingfishers in the tree tops that surround the riverbank. In the evening you will return to Kumai and transferred to Pangkalan Bun. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9 – 4th September 2017 Pangkalan Bun - Semarang - Magelang (B)

Flight to Semarang, the capital of central Java. Drive to Magelang, the nearest town to Borobudur. On the journey you stop at colorful markets and villages. Overnight at hotel. (Travel time approx. 4h).

Day 10 – 5th September 2017 Magelang - Borobudur - Yogyakarta (B)

Visit of the world famous temples of Borobudur (UNESCO world heritage site), Mendut and Pawon. The temples are open to the public from 6 am. In the afternoon transfer to Yogyakarta (about 1h). Overnight at hotel.

Day 11 – 6th September 2017 Yogyakarta - Volcano Bromo (B)

Very early in the morning, your journey begins to the famous volcano ensemble around Mount Bromo (2329 m). The active volcano in the middle of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru national park is a real photographer's magnet! On the volcano slopes the peasants of the Tenggerese grow different vegetable varieties, which thrive here because of the fertile volcanic ash soil. The Tenggerese are the descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Majapahit, who were forced to leave their country after an eruption of the volcano Merapi. These are the only people in Java, who practice the religion of Hinduism. On the way you will visit the Jago Temple, which dates from 1275-1300 AD. It is believed that this is the burial site of King Wisnuwardhana. You will also stop at the Kidal Temple. In the afternoon you will reach Bromo. Overnight at hotel. (Travel time approx. 12h).

Day 12 – 7th September 2017 Bromo - Jemplang - Bromo (B)

Ascent of the crater of Bromos before daybreak. At this early hour the view is mostly clear and the view of the surrounding volcanic landscape fascinating beautiful! After that in the early morning you will drive to Penanjakan (about 30 minutes) and then easy trek to Jemplang (about 2h). Pick up there and transfer back to the hotel (about 1h). Overnight at hotel.

Day 13 – 8th September 2017 Bromo - Ijen (B)

Continuation of the journey with a relaxed and interesting overland trip through the backland of eastern Java to another significant volcano, the Ijen (journey time approx. 5h). On the way there are many possibilities to visit villages and watch peasants at work. Enjoy the view of the typical rice fields of the cultural landscapes of Southeast Asia! Overnight in a guest house.

Day 14 – 9th September 2017 Ijen (B)

Extensive exploration of the Ijen crater with a special show in the evening hours - let you be surprised! Overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 15 – 10th September 2017 Ijen – Ferry port Ketapang- Bali (F)

Continue your journey to the eastern end of the island of Java to the ferry port Ketapang (journey time approx. 4 hours). A ferry will take you to the island of Bali in about an hour. Continue to Sanur (about 5h). Overnight at hotel.

Day 16 – 11th September 2017 Bali - Labuhan Bajo - Komodo NP (B/L/D)

Transfer to the airport and flight to the port of Labuan Bajo. Transfer to the boat dock and check-in on your boat. The ride will take you along a volcanic coastal line to the island of Rinca (UNESCO World Heritage Site). There still about 1000 Komodo dragons live. If the time on this day still allows you will go with a Parkranger on a first hike through the hunting areas of these giant lizards - another highlight of the trip! Enjoy the sunset on the boat. Overnight on board. (Journey time in the boat to the island Rinca about 3h and to Komodo about 5h).

Day 17 and 18 – 12th September 2017 Komodo NP 2× (B/L/D)

You have two full days to go on game in this park! Once on Komodo, follow the road to Banunggulung to observe the dragons. You can visit of the Komodo Natural Park Museum. Short hikes, both in the morning and in the afternoons, offer further opportunities to observe the flora and fauna. After one of the tours you go back on board and for a tour to the island of Kalong, the island of the Megabats, where you will observe thousands of them. 2 nights on board. (Travel time in the boat from Rinca to Labuhan Bajo approx. 3h or from Komodo to Labuhan Bajo approx. 5h).

Day 19 – 14th September 2017 Komodo NP - Labuhan Bajo - Bali - Departure day – end of the photo tour (B)

You will sail back to Labuhan Bajo to fly back to Bali and home. (In the late evening, you will be on your way home.)

Continuation of the trip with the individual extension program – Sulawesi.

Day 20 – 15th September 2017 Bali - Manado - Tangkoko-National Park (B/L/D)

Flight to Manado. From Manado, a two-hour drive takes you to Tangkoko NP. In the late afternoon you meet a ranger, who goes with you into the rainforest to search for a special primate species: the endemic and nocturnal Sulawesi Tarsier - one of the world 's smallest monkey species. Overnight in a simple lodge. (Travel time approx. 2h).

Day 21 – 16th September 2017 Tangkoko-National Park (B/L/D)

In the morning you have the opportunity to explore the jungle on another trek. The dawn is a good time for further animal observations. Clashing with a group of Black Crested Beasts (endemic) or rhinoceros after sunrise and other species is most likely. You can spend the afternoon at the nearby beach. In the evening there is the possibility of a further game trek. Overnight in a simple lodge.

Day 22 – 17th September 2017 Tangkoko National Park - Tumbak (B)

Before sunrise, you will go to the Green Thorn for the last time. Enjoy the morning mood in the rain forest, before it goes by vehicle in the direction of Tumbak. Transfer to the east coast of Sulawesi. Surrounded by huge coral reefs and dense mangrove swamps you will find the settlement Tumbak, a village of sea nomads. Learn more about the life of the Bajo who live in harmony with nature and explore the houses that were built partially above the water. The night you spend in a simple overwater bungalow in the lagoon. (Travel time approx. 3h).

Day 23 – 18th September 2017 Tumbak - Baling Baling - Poteng - Tumbak (B/L/D)

You will sail to the small island Baling Baling, where you can observe white and black tip sharks for snorkeling and exploring the incredible diversity of the underwater world in the coral triangle. In the evening, you’ll take a short trek on the island of Tumbak. Overnight as on the previous day.

Day 24 – 19th September 2017 Tumbak (B/L/D)

One day of leisure and relaxation before your journey back home. Enjoy snorkling / the sun and the sea. Overnight as on the previous day.

Day 25 – 20th September Tumbak - Batu Mandi – Manado - Bali (B)

Transfer to Manado, Flight to Bali and Flight back home.

Day 26 – 21th September 2017 Arrival Germany or where ever you go

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